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Inspection is an important part of quality control. We will provide comprehensive services for products at all stages of the entire supply chain, assisting you in controlling product quality at different stages of the production process and effectively preventing quality problems with your products. We will assist you in securing production safety, securing product quality, and making trade activities run smoothly.

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Inspection is an important part of quality control. We can provide comprehensive services for products in all links of the entire supply chain, assist you in controlling product quality at different stages of the production process, and effectively preventing product quality problems. We will help you ensure production safety and product quality and conduct your trade activities smoothly. We will provide comprehensive service support for products in all links of the entire supply chain, and assist you in controlling product quality at different stages of the production process.1. Metal products: steel structures, galvanized coils, color-coated coils, aluminum products, wires, profiles, plates, steel pipes and fittings, cast iron pipes and fittings, non-metallic pipes (such as HDPE pipes) and fittings, steel sheet piles, steel rails and supporting products, etc.; 2. Pressure vessels and pipelines: towers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, reactors, pipelines and pipeline equipment; 3. Boilers and prime mover equipment: boilers, internal combustion engines, steam turbines, water turbines, wind power generation equipment; 4. Metal processing machinery: various cutting machine tools and their accessories; 5. Material handling equipment: cranes, forklifts, hoists, elevators, rubber conveyor belts, tires; 6. Pumps, valves, compressors and similar machinery: pumps, vacuum equipment, compressors, hydraulic and pneumatic power machinery, skids, similar machinery and valves, and their supporting products, etc.; 7. Bearings, gears and transmission components: bearings, gears, gear reducers, gearboxes; 8. Ovens, fans, weighing apparatus, packaging and other equipment: fans, refrigeration equipment; 9. Common parts: sealings, fasteners, springs, shackles, flanges, steel cylinders, gas cylinders; 10. Other general equipment: common platens, pedestals, flow meters, insulators, plywood; 11. Special equipment for mining, metallurgy, and construction: mining machinery, stackers and reclaimers, oil drilling and construction machinery; 12. Special production equipment: production lines; 13. Motors: generators and their auxiliary equipment, power generation equipment, electric motors; 14. Power transmission, distribution and control equipment: transformers, rectifiers, capacitors, power distribution switch control equipment, photovoltaic equipment and components; 15. Wires, cables, optical cables and electrical equipment: wires, cables, optical cables; 16. Ships and marine engineering equipment: offshore installations and ships, lifting facilities, tied objects and ties, drilling modules and equipment, marine and marine fire-fighting equipment, offshore pressure vessel pipelines.Pre- shipment Inspection Before shipment, confirm the overall conditions of the order, including the inspection of quantity , packaging, label, appearance, dimension, document, and witness test, and the supervision on packing/shipping. Loading Supervision: Witness the loading/unloading process; Ensure that the goods are properly handled and secured in accordance with the transportation requirements; Check whether cargo damage occurred during all loading operations; Check the overall appearance of the goods and package; check the quantity and mark in each package according to the contract requirements; Check the cleanliness of the containers/trucks/cabin boards.Expediting service: According to the customer's entrustment, help to control the supplier's product manufacturing schedule and delivery schedule and urge the supplier to produce in accordance with the contract and schedule, so as to ensure and speed up the delivery of the product.Supplier audit: As a professional third party, we can evaluate potential suppliers according to customer needs to ensure that they meet customer requirements when the customer is sourcing a supplier.

Provide diversified services at all stages of the ongoing project according to the buyer's requirements.

Factory audit: evaluate and audit the supplier’s qualifications and capabilities according to the customer’s entrustment; In-production inspection: According to the requirements of customers, the products are inspected at all stages of the production process; Witness test: Witness product-related tests and experiments according to the requirements of customers and ITP; Expedited delivery: According to the customer's entrustment, the supplier's product manufacturing schedule is controlled, the product delivery schedule is monitored, and the supplier is urged to produce in accordance with the contract and schedule, so as to ensure and speed up the delivery of the product; Document review: Review technical documents, production process control and quality assurance/quality control testing; Progress monitoring: Monitor the production progress, and report the actual situation of the production progress and existing problems to the customer; Consultation services: Provide consultation on the selection of customers and suppliers based on the experience in industrial services; Nondestructive inspection and testing: Perform inspection of goods by non-destructive tests (including X-ray, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, penetration, visual, etc.)

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Economical: At half industrial price, enjoy rapid and professional inspection service in high efficiency Extremely rapid service: Thanks to immediate scheduling, preliminary inspection conclusion of EC can be received on site after the inspection is completed, and formal inspection report from EC can be received within 1 workday; punctual shipment can be guaranteed. Transparent supervision: Real-time feedback of inspectors; strict management of operation on site Rigorous and honest: The professional teams of EC around the country offer professional services to you; independent, open and impartial incorrupt supervision team is set to inspect on-site inspection teams randomly and supervise on site. Customized service: EC has service ability that goes through the whole product supply chain. We will provide tailored inspection service scheme for your specific demand, so as to solve your problems specifically, offer independent interaction platform and collect your suggestions and service feedback about the inspection team. In this way, you can participate in inspection team management. At the same time, for interactive technology exchange and communication, we will offer inspection training, quality management course and technology seminar for your demand and feedback.

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International layout: superior QC covers domestic provinces and cities and 12 countries in Southeast Asia Local services: local QC can provide professional inspection services immediately to save your travel expenses. Professional team: the strict admittance mechanism and industrial skill training develop superior service team.

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