Standard for Inspection of Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Sampling standard: ISO 2859-1 Sampling scheme: Normal test of sampling scheme for once, sampling level: G-III or S-4 Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL): very serious, not allowed;  serious: 0.25; slight: 0.4 Sampling quantity: G-III 125 unit; S-4 13 units

Sampling standard

Basic Safety

2.1 Sales Package No packing error; no damage to color box /PVC bag; no error or defect in surface printing; no error or defect in bar code; 2.2 Appearance No scratches, poor paint spraying and silk screen printing, and molding mark on the appearance; no miscellaneous color, mildew and rust; no deformation, cracking and damage on the machine body; no defects on switches, control buttons, knobs and screws; no foreign matter in the machine body; 2.3 Component and Assembly Components, parts, instructions, warranty cards, etc., are not missing or damaged; the assembly is not too tight or too loose (assembling main components only for basic function inspection); the front and back shells, side shells are free of too large gap/misalignment phenomenon; and the product is stable. 2.4 Cleanliness There is no stain, color spot and glue mark on the product, no burr and flash. 2.5 Labels and Tags Labels/tags are free of missing, misplacement, incorrect position, upside down, etc. 2.6 Printing, Paint Spraying, Electroplating No instability, damage, relaxation or falling off; no inaccurate overprinting; no printing/coloring/coating loss, no fuzzy printing; no excessive or insufficient painting/coating; 2.7 Basic Function No loss of function; no functional fault; no abnormal noise or vibration; no error in product operation/reaction while pressing down the key; no intermittent functional abnormalities; basic functions as described on the package; no abnormality after 5 times of short on/off. 2.8 Functional Safety No safety hazard caused by water leakage; no safety lock failure/invalidity; no safety hazard caused by shell damage/deformation/melting; no dangerous moving parts to be touched; the handle/button/on-off key is fixed reliably, if it is loose, safety hazard will be caused; no sharp corners/sharp edges formed by normal use or user maintenance; the basic insulation of Class-II structure can be touched; live parts can be touched.

On-site Test

4.1 Bar code scanning (bar code on the outer box) 4.2 Bar code scanning (bar code on the sales package) 4.3 Odor inspection (sales package) 4.4 Odor inspection (product) 4.5 Nameplate friction test (wiping marks/safety warnings with a water-stained cloth for 15s) 4.6 Nameplate friction test (wiping marks/safety warnings with a cloth stained with hexane for 15s) Note: hexane provided by the factory shall be used. This test is for reference only and it shall not be a substitute for laboratory test. 4.7 Product size and weight 4.8 Complex function 4.9 Assembly test 4.10 Free drop adaptability test of product 4.11 Input voltage test 4.12 Input current test 4.13 Full load efficiency test 4.14 Output power test 4.15 Output OCP test 4.16 Output coil temperature test 4.17 Charging test 4.18 Tightening/loosening test 4.19 Inspection of LED indicator light 4.20 Wired charging function test of headset case 4.21 Discharging function test of headset case

Internal Process Inspection

Reliability of grounding connection; effectiveness of power line fixation; no cold welding and welding spot defects; no loose parts (switches, motors, control parts, etc.); wiring slot shall be smooth, no sharp edge; no foreign matter inside.

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